7 Ways Mentally Strong People Handle Stress

7 Ways Mentally Strong People Handle Stress

7 Ways Mentally Strong People Deal with Stress

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  1. They accept that stress is a part of life

    Stress and suffering are a part of life. Big changes do not occur without stress. When we accept this we can stop wasting mental energy on trying figure it out and move toward coping.

  2. They keep problems in proper perspective

    It can be easy to become swept up in our emotions or conflicts. Often times when we are able to view our problems in the scope that it is one small problem, in one life of billions of lives on this small planet, in a big universe; we are able to cope better.

  3. They take care of their physical health

    Exercise and healthy eating become a way of life. They understand that prevention and maintenance of their physical health will carry them through tough times.

  4. They choose healthy coping skills

    It is easy to revert to behaviors that will make us feel good quickly when stress hits. Things like alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, and overeating send a rush of feel good chemicals in the moment. After that rush subsides, the problem is still there.  Mentally strong people go for a run, watch a sunset, or meditate.  They actively choose how they will cope.

  5. They balance social activity with solitude

    Humans are social creatures and do not do well in isolation. When stress hits, it can be easy to shut everything out.  Instead try to find a balance between social activities and alone time to recharge.

  6. They acknowledge their choices

    Mentally strong people are aware of their thoughts and feelings. They accept responsibility for choosing their own thoughts that will lead to positive emotions.

  7. They look for the silver lining

    Searching for something good out of a horrible situation helps the human mind heal. They have an acknowledgement of reality and also choose to have an optimistic outlook.


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