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01 Mar
cognitive behavioral therapy in wilmington, nc

What is CBT?

What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)? I’ve had so many questions about what cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is.  I am a CBT specialist. I love CBT. I do it all day every day.  I thought that I would help you guys learn a little bit about it to let you guys know whether it […]

21 Jan
Natural Disaster Counseling Wilmington NC

Preparing for a Hurricane- Mental Health Edition

Transcription: Lets talk hurricane planning we have Hurricane Florence coming into Wilmington and of course that’s all anyone is talking about.  But I wanted to jump on here and talk to you guys about preparing for a hurricane if you are dealing with some mental health issues. Make sure you refill your psych medications. The […]

29 Dec
high functioning anxiety lmv counseling

Ways to Conquer High-Functioning Anxiety

What are repetitive thoughts and why might they be a sign of high-functioning anxiety? Repetitive thoughts are thoughts that are stuck in your head and play over and over again.  Many times repetitive thoughts are intrusive and occur when you are not expecting them to.  High level occupations and entrepreneurs often share the quality of […]

24 Nov
stress management holiday stress couples counseling

5 Tips to Stay Calm during the Holidays

Hallmark movies, the Christmas marketing machine, and carols display a happy family and home that set our expectations high for the holiday season. In reality, many people do not have wonderful memories or exciting plans for the holidays. It can be a stressful time.    Here are some tips to help you make your season […]

17 Nov
dillion epley couples counseling marriage

Meet the counselor- Dillon Epley

What do you love most about therapy? I love being a part of the ‘aha moment,’ when someone finds a positive new understanding about themselves, their relationship, or a problem in their life. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. What are your specialties and how are you different from other therapists? I choose to only […]

06 Nov
individual counseling anxiety depression relax calm

Keeping a Vacation Mindset

Post Vacation Thoughts Every now and then we need a reset button.  It’s easy to become consumed in the business and the go, go, go business, family life, and social life.  Taking time to relax help reminded me of a few things that I want to document here to remember and to encourage others.  I […]

13 Oct

Psychological hack

Three easy steps Are you feeling down? Not as motivated or confident as usual?  Try these psychological hacks.  You can trick your mind into thinking more positively and change you outlook.  Give it a try, an actual try, when you need a mental boost. 1) Take a hero stance.  Marvel portrays all their heroes in […]

16 Sep
counseling hurricane florence recovery disaster mental health anxiety

Help Prevent Distress in Hurricane Victims

The Checklist Water, check.  Extra batteries, check.  Sandbags, check.  Non-perishable foods, check.  Every resident of Wilmington was endlessly reviewing the checklist to prepare for Hurricane Florence.  Tension was high as home improvement stores ran out of plywood and propane.  Lines at gas stations were long and many residents were disappointed when they pulled up to […]