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Self-care: care for oneself

Self-care: care for oneself. Self-care is a necessity to keep yourself sane, healthy, and balanced.  I’ve chosen four self-care activities that are really worth performing on a consistent basis. 1) Guided meditation I have found that guided meditation is far and away the most effective self-care tool that I use on a regular basis.  I […]

Types of Stress

Stress can come in all different forms We experience good stress, called eustress, and bad stress, called distress.  Both types of stress take a toll on our minds and bodies.  There are many experiences that are positive and exciting that can cause stress.  For example, if you are getting married, buying a house, and trying […]

Podcast Interview on Stress Management

Podcast Interview- Managing Stress Life is stressful. Stress can have severe impacts on our fitness, career, and family goals. Lauren and the coaches of CrossFit Inside Out discuss the methods that she teaches her clients on how to manage and reduce their stress. Can’t get enough?  Here are some videos to help you learn to […]