Meet the counselor- Dillon Epley

17 Nov
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Meet the counselor- Dillon Epley

What do you love most about therapy?

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I love being a part of the ‘aha moment,’ when someone finds a positive new understanding about themselves, their relationship, or a problem in their life. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

What are your specialties and how are you different from other therapists?

I choose to only work with couples, because I believe long lasting success requires both individual and systemic growth. If you want a beautiful and long lasting garden, you have to tend to all the plants and the soil that supports them. I believe the same is true for people.

How do you inspire hope in your clients?

I provide focus and validation for every step so they remain energized toward reaching their goal. Every journey begins with one small step, but it continues with each new step, and every movement towards progress is something to be celebrated.

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What do you want all clients to know prior to coming to therapy?

I am not all knowing. I am not here to give advice or voice my opinion. I teach skills that promote healthy living and I work to help couples find their own unique solutions to their own unique problems.

Time management helps manage stress

How do you find balance and care for yourself?

Nature, relaxation tea, and lots and lots of lists. Stress and anxiety can make life feel like a high stakes merry-go-round. Lists help to prioritize and slow my life down. Enjoying nature and small acts of mindfulness help me to retain and nourish the balance that I cultivate in my life.

Ready to strengthen your relationship?  Dillon has you covered! Give us a call or schedule an appointment. He is a Gottman trained therapist and is a rock star at helping romantic relationships.