Keeping a Vacation Mindset

06 Nov
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Keeping a Vacation Mindset

Post Vacation Thoughts

Every now and then we need a reset button.  It’s easy to become consumed in the business and the go, go, go business, family life, and social life.  Taking time to relax help reminded me of a few things that I want to document here to remember and to encourage others.  I was lucky enough to go to Bali, Indonesia.

1) Water and electricity are precious commodities.

We do not have a right to them and we are lucky to have them.  Whenever things are not going my way I hope to be reminded to focus on the gratitude I have for my basic necessities being met.

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2) Stop glorifying the busy.

I sat and sat.  I just watched nature.  I watched sunsets.  I watched waves roll in.  I didn’t have an agenda.  I didn’t have to be productive.  I could just be. It was incredible to be immersed in the culture and splendor of natural beauty.  I was forced to look up instead of down at my phone because I didn’t have international data.  I need to do this more in my daily life.  Go to the beach, just to sit.  This slowing down allowed me to cultivate an appreciation for the slow for the still.

3) Limit your Facebook time to relax.

I was in the bliss of morning and picked up my phone while in bed to scroll Facebook as I often do as part of my wake up routine.  I saw tons of articles about Judge Kavanaugh senate hearings.  I was bombarded with concerns about women being sexually assaulted and not believed.  This is a passion of mine to advocate for survivors and I became furious. As much as I consider myself and advocate, I realized that I allowed my connection with Facebook and people’s opinions on Facebook to rob me of my tropical bliss.  It made me think how often we expose ourselves to this toxicity on a daily basis and how much is it affecting my psyche unconsciously.  We need to limit our exposure.  Find balance within the difficult situations.   It doesn’t make me any less passionate, any less of a social worker, any less of a person if I set an intention to only allow a certain amount of my time and energy to be fulfilled with fighting for social injustice.

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4) I have no idea what hard work is.

The Balinese people build everything by hand. No machines. I saw a guy using a hand saw on metal rods!  This would take him forever to do.  They carry baskets and items on their heads while walking to get places.  They stuff 5 people on a scooter.  They are enjoying their lives and going through their day to day working hard.  Let’s all stop complaining.  The leaves need raking or the weeds need pulling…just do it.  Don’t complain about how hot it is.  I’m lucky to have a car to load my groceries in.  I’m lucky to have a grocery store to buy food in.


We are all lucky and blessed.  A big thank you goes to every single person I met on the trip.  They each provided an enrichment that they’ll never know.

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