LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

You feel alone in the unique challenges your relationship faces. Your heterosexual friends don’t have to deal with the stress and prejudice couples counseling stress holidayyour relationship faces.

You and your partner maybe dealing with:

-conflict about dating a closeted or semi-out partner when one partner is fully out and open
-dealing with jealousy
-handling your partner being friends with their ex
-figuring out rules of an open or polyamorous relationship
-difficulty connecting with healthcare providers that are compassionate and knowledgeable about STI screenings, HIV status, or gender transitioning
-Not being accepted by your partner’s family
-coping with anti-LGBTQ+ language and politics

You may be thinking:

-“Are they staring at us because we’re gay/trans?”
-“Is this a place where we’re safe?”
-“Can I be with a partner who isn’t out to their family?”


Our counselors are sensitive to the pitfalls of heterosexual bias and helps with those considerations in mind. Our counselors know the difficulties of navigating a LGBT relationship while dealing with the unique challenges couples face. You will be encouraged and your partner to accept your sexual orientation while easing the coming out process.  You’ll communicate about internalized homophobia and stress that effects your relationship. You will learn to discuss your expectations for your relationship and feel strong together.

You’re not alone. LGBTQ+ relationships are as valid as anyone else’s and your love is worth fighting for.