Meet Dillon

You are struggling to communicate with respect and ease in your relationship. You feel misunderstood, lonely, frustrated or find yourself turning away from your partner. You may have experienced an unexpected event in your relationship concerning infidelity, intimacy, and/or trust. Perhaps you’re having the same argument over and over without coming to any resolution. Or maybe you’ve started avoiding certain conversations or each other in an attempt to prevent conflict.

I love being a part of the ‘aha moment,’ when couples find a positive new understanding about themselves, their relationship, or a problem in their life.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness. I truly believe that long lasting success is possible and couples sometimes need support to get there. I am particularly passionate about working with LGBTQ+ couples.


I can help you and your partner learn how to begin making informed and thoughtful decisions about the kind of relationship you want to co-create. I carry no judgment about your relationship, values or lifestyle. What’s important to me is that you and your partner learn how to develop a relationship that provides you both with love, meaning and joy.

I am a Gottman trained therapist. The Gottman Method is developed from 40 years of research on marriage and they developed an approach that not only supports and repairs troubled marriages and committed relationships, but strengthens happy ones.

Rediscover and reconnect.

Here’s what Dillon has to say about balance in his own life and his meaning in his work.