Three tips to avoid burn out

11 Aug
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Three tips to avoid burn out

manage self care manage stress counseling wilmington nc lmv counseling

Burn out refers to the mental, physical, and/or emotional drain that is caused by stressors in one’s life.  Work is often blamed for burn out.  However, we can also be burnt out from taking care of family or friends.  We become exhausted and before we know it we’re running on fumes.  Below are three tips to help you from getting to running on empty.

1) Think about yourself like a battery

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Batteries do not last forever.  Anyone with a cell phone can attest to the short battery life.  Cell phone batteries fade quickly after using your phone for social media, GPS, messaging, and phone calls.  If you’re in a dead spot or in a building without any internet coverage, forget it.  That battery is going to dead in a flash.  We are like a battery.  If we are doing a bunch of things at once and multitasking, we are going to become drained quickly.  Social situations can also be draining.  Plug yourself in to recharge.  Take time to be alone several times a day.  Relish in the solitude of a car ride, the few minutes in the shower, or the snuggles from your pet.

2) Stop doing what doesn’t matter

We often place expectations on ourselves to be everywhere and do everything.  When this happens we spread ourselves way too thin.  The quality of our work diminishes.  You need to determine what dochange counseling stress relief lmv counseling wilmington nces not matter and STOP doing it.  It’s impossible to be everything to everyone.  You get to choose what you do.  If you hate grocery shopping, don’t do it.  Pick up your groceries or have them delivered instead.  If you despise checking email through the day, stop. Only check email twice a day.  Try to outsource, delegate, or eliminate as much as possible to reduce strain.

3) Protect what matters and do more of it

Now that you have taken space for yourself to recharge and you’ve stopped doing what doesn’t matter (yes, I’m looking at you…really…stop); you have now made room in your life to do what does matter.  Engage in those activities and be around those people that make you happy and fulfilled.  For me, I love to go to the beach with my dog.  Every time we are in the sand playing fetch, my heart soars and I am re-energized.  This is what I’m talking about.  Find something that fulfills you.

For some, these steps are easier said than done.  If you are looking for more one on one help with setting boundaries and dealing with wburn out, individual therapy can help.  Give LMV Counseling a call to get started on a more energized path.happy place learn to deal with anxiety at lmv counseling wilmington north carolina