Meet the Therapists

Lillian Hood substance abuse counseling cognitive behavioral therapy in wilmington NC

Lillian Hood

License: LPA, LCAS

Specialty: anxiety and trauma recovery, binge eating

Dr. Josalin Hunter-Jones

License: LCSWA

Specialty: teens, college students & people of color

Catherine Wilmington NC Counseling

Catherine Ladd

License: LCSW

Specialty: grief and loss

Katie Schneeberger

License: LCMHC

Specialty: teens and parents

Jackie Wilmington NC Counseling

Jackie Tozour

License: LCMHC, LCAS

Specialty: college students, substance use issues

LMV Counseling lauren moser vilar anxiety counseling

Lauren Vilar

License: LCSW, LCAS

Specialty: young adult women with anxiety

CBT wilmington nc therapy for black people of color young men

Jamie Washington

License: LCMHC, LCAS

Specialty: couples & people of color

LMV Counseling

Our Vision and Values

Our Mission at LMV Counseling is to change the lives of those touched by substance use and unexpected events through mental wellness counseling and the genuine promotion of prioritizing health in the Cape Fear region.

Our clinicians are genuine, balanced, and professional.  LMV Counseling aims to provide a counseling experience that is prompt, kind, and provides great value for the clients.  We aim to be our community’s choice when they think about a genuine, reliable, and informative counseling center.

Why the hummingbird?

The hummingbird symbolizes great courage, determination, flexibility, adaptability and the enjoyment of life. The hummingbird reminds us to remain present, optimistic, and playful.