07 Mar
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10 Signs of Depression

10 Signs of Depression Major depressive disorder causes changes to a person’s mood, appetite, sleep, and overall demeanor. It can feel like a dark cloud and that there is no way out. Check out these signs of depression. These signs are not meant to diagnose. If you think you maybe suffering from major depressive disorder, […]

22 Feb
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The Foundations of Good Mental Health

These are the basic foundation and building blocks of mental health: sleep, nutrition, and exercise.  They don’t fix everything but they can go a long way to improving your overall mental health. I had a young adult come to see me who was struggling with depression and ADHD symptoms. When I asked about these foundations […]

04 Feb
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Moving Forward: Learning about Child Sex Abuse

Moving Forward After Learning About Childhood Sexual Assault The #metoo movement has brought forward survivors’ stories and the media outlets are paying attention.  From Harry Weinstein to Jeffrey Epstein, we hear about stories of sexual assault frequently.  Our own community of Wilmington, NC has been dealing with two high profile and devastating cases highlighted in […]

18 Jan
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Surviving Opinions on Social Media

Surviving your Newsfeed We’ve all experienced it.  You’re scrolling on Instagram and you see a controversial post from a friend that surprises you. You’ve become curious and scrolled through the comments.  It shocks you to see the strong opinions that others are sharing.  Perhaps you’ve even taken part in the back and forth arguments via […]

04 Jan
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5 Reasons Why Dry January is Worth It

Dry January has been popular is recent years and has been gaining in popularity each year.  Dry January is when you don’t drink alcohol for the whole month of January.  The movement originated in the UK in 2012.  The Dry January campaign was born out of the Alcohol Change UK.  The Alcohol Change UK thought […]

21 Dec
emotional pain coping

How to Cope with Emotional Pain

Why does emotional pain hurt so much? Things in life can feel overwhelming and difficult to cope with at times. LMV Counseling is dedicated to helping you manage those difficult emotions and events.  That’s why we put together this brief guide to give you some relief when the tough stuff is just too much.  You […]

07 Dec
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What to Expect: Your First Therapy Session

It is a courageous decision to enter into therapy and seek help.  Often, people put off coming to counseling until they absolutely have to get help.  This means that by the time the door closes in the therapy office, you’re ready to spill about everything that has been going on and upsetting you.  We want […]

09 Nov
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How to Say No (without sounding mean)

How to Say No (without sounding mean) We frequently see folks at LMV Counseling who are kind-hearted and giving people.  They are the folks that will give until they are dog tired.  It is very difficult often for some people to tell others “no.”  Sometimes it feels like it’s too hard to put up with […]

E-cigarettes and Vaping

You’ve seen the stories on the news almost nightly about e-cigarettes.  You’ve wondered where did this vaping trend come from?  Why are so many teens dying from this?  Perhaps you’ve tried vaping before as a way to wean yourself off of other nicotine products.  We will help breakdown what’s going on with this dangerous health […]

11 Oct
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How to Help After a Traumatic Event

How to Help After a Traumatic Event Life happens.  Scary and upsetting events happen.  As loving friends and family members, you want to help those in your life that have been exposed to a traumatic event and may worry about post-traumatic stress disorder.  It’s okay if you don’t know what to say or how to […]