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Getting Real Results

LMV Counseling is excited to announce that we have partnered with Blueprint in order to continue providing the highest quality of care! Blueprint is a digital service that allows our clients to complete assessments, questionnaires, and activities related to their mental health in between sessions and on their own time. Research has shown that measurement-based care improves outcomes […]

05 Sep
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Tips to Help Anxiety While Wearing a Mask

Help for Anxiety While Wearing a Mask Remind yourself you’re getting enough air Focus on your surroundings Reassure yourself that you’re making the right decision for you You’re not alone in having challenges with adjusting during this period of COVID-19. For more help we’re happy to help. Get started now with our experienced and trusted […]

13 Jun
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Quick Win for Young Adults Right Now

Jackie Tozour sits down to tell us what she is noticing with young adults and college students.  Jackie tells us folks are dealing with disillusionment. She provides us with tips for a quick win to help young adults and college students feel better now. Disillusionment Disillusionment is a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery […]

04 Oct
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Understanding Post Traumatic Stress

Scary and upsetting events are bound to happen in our lives.  However, after an extraordinary event your mind and body learn new ways to react.  You are meant for survival and we have biological structures to help predicting potentially dangerous situations based on our past.  The Amygdala The brain structure looks like an almond.  It […]

13 Apr
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The Secret to a Happy Marriage

The number one predictor of a relationship that will succeed is attention. Simple as that.  Your relationship needs love and nurturing, no matter how short or long you’ve been together.  The uniqueness of the romantic relationship means that you have chosen that person to be the more important than most other relationships in your life.  […]

18 Aug
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Introduction to Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is an easy first step into meditation Guided imagery is a particularly effective tool for calming the mind and refocusing.  Guided imagery is a type of meditation.  In the middle of a hectic day, it is easy to get caught up in the to do lists and the checklists.  Taking a moment in […]

Thoughts versus Emotions

Thoughts vs Emotions “I feel bad.” “That makes me feel some type of way.” “I feel like having pizza for dinner.” Popular culture has used feelings and thoughts interchangeable.  Despite the word ‘feel’ in the above statements, those are examples of thoughts.  This can be confusing when you are trying to make sense of how […]