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17 Oct

Signs of a Healthy and Strong Relationship

Signs of a Healthy and Strong Relationship We get asked all the time- how can I make sure I stay with my partner? Relationships are hard work. It takes a lot of love, sacrifice, and dedication. It often times is the light in our lives and where the deepest joy comes from. Who wouldn’t want […]

29 Aug
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Politics: Fighting Fair and Setting Boundaries

Election year in America can become a tense time for family and friends. Politics become a topic of conversation and opinions are shared widely on social media. The 2016 presidential election was a tough for many. The race between Clinton and Trump brought about divisive rhetoric and unprecedented conflict. Since that time, the past four […]

12 Feb
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Right Way

Have you ever tried to show love to your partner and it wasn’t received in the way you expected it to be?  Sometimes our partners are looking for love expressed in different ways.  Valentine’s Day pushes roses, chocolates and candles however not everyone responds well to gifts.  Relationship and marriage expert Dr. Gary Chapman explores […]