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26 Sep
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Convincing Your Loved One to Enter Into Treatment

Convincing Your Loved One to Attend a Rehabilitation Program Contributing Post by Patrick Bailey The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 19.7 million Americans battled a substance use disorder in 2017. That number seemingly has remained the same throughout the years, meaning many persons with substance use disorders are not recovering fully or not […]

04 May
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Alcohol Use During Quarantine

Alcohol & COVID-19 Quarantine This pandemic has shaken our lives, families, and economy to the core.  We have never experienced an event like this before.  There are some unique trends that have emerged during state’s stay at home orders.  One that is not perhaps surprising is the consumption and sales of alcohol.  Alcohol sales have […]

04 Jan
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5 Reasons Why Dry January is Worth It

Dry January has been popular is recent years and has been gaining in popularity each year.  Dry January is when you don’t drink alcohol for the whole month of January.  The movement originated in the UK in 2012.  The Dry January campaign was born out of the Alcohol Change UK.  The Alcohol Change UK thought […]

E-cigarettes and Vaping

You’ve seen the stories on the news almost nightly about e-cigarettes.  You’ve wondered where did this vaping trend come from?  Why are so many teens dying from this?  Perhaps you’ve tried vaping before as a way to wean yourself off of other nicotine products.  We will help breakdown what’s going on with this dangerous health […]

21 Sep
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Make a Change, Part 5

You made it to Part 5 of the LMV Counseling’s Make a Change series.  You’re killing it! Way to hang in there and way to keep coming back. If you’re coming across this guide for the first time, we recommend you start at part 1 and walk through the series. Trust us- there are some […]

14 Sep
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Make a Change, Part 4

Alrighty, you are in it to win it!  Welcome to part 4 of our series, Make a Change.  LMV Counseling supports you and is your cheerleader the whole way! No judgement. Whatever changes you have decided to make to improve your health and life are incredible. You got this! Ready for those next steps? Here […]

07 Sep
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Make a Change, Part 3

Congratulations on completing part 1 and part 2 of making a change.  You’re at the point where you have evaluated whether it’s worth it to make a change and decided it’s worth exploring further.  LMV Counseling is here to continue to learn how to make those small steps to change. How much is too much? […]

02 Sep
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Make a Change, Part 2

Do I need to make a change? Welcome back to part 2 of this guide.  If this is the first time you’re stopping in, feel free to revisit part 1 of this guide and come back to continue with part 2.  Here at LMV Counseling we believe that counseling is a collaborative process.  You set […]

19 Aug
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Time to Make a Change

Introduction and How Do You know if You’re at Risk Welcome! We’re so excited to bring you a series to help you feel more in control surrounding drug, alcohol, or tobacco use.  It’s important to learn more about your use, decide whether you want to make changes over your use, and making a plan to […]