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15 Jul
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5 Common Challenges in Early Recovery

Everyone who decides to stop using substances, whatever the reason is, will run into challenges in the first few weeks of living abstinent.  It’s a new way of life and it will take often times changing people, places and things.  We have listed five of the most common situations encountered in the first few weeks […]

15 Jun

Working Through Shame

Shame goes hand in hand with substance use.  Often when folks begin to enter into recovery or make changes in their lives, they are overcome with feelings of shame and guilt.  Shame is feeling that as a person, you are bad, inadequate, defective, unworthy or less than others.  This often results in feeling hopeless, helpless, […]

03 Jun
substance abuse counseling wilmington, nc

Trigger Awareness to help with Substance Abuse

What is a trigger for substance use? A trigger is a situation, event, or feeling that happens and causes an individual to want to use substances.  Triggers are categorized into two types: internal and external.  Triggers can occur for individuals who use substances occasionally and to those who use daily.  Increasing our awareness of what […]

08 Dec
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A Letter to Mamas of NAS Babies

You found out that you were pregnant during one of the worst times in your life.  Perhaps, it was terrible timing.  You never wanted to be on opiates and be pregnant.  You’re terrified of the outcome, the withdrawal, the pregnancy, the judgement.  Yet you have a little bunch of cells growing within you and you […]

02 Dec
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Meet the Counselor- Jamie Washington

What do you love most about therapy? There are a lot of things that I love about therapy but I love the parallel process most.  What I mean by this is that I have learned a great deal about myself in helping other people become more aware of themselves. What are your specialties and how […]

22 Sep

Combating Cravings

Combating cravings Cravings are a normal and natural part of recovery.  Cravings are often stronger and more intense in early recovery.  Many recovering persons report they continue to experience cravings years after abstaining from drugs and alcohol  The key to dealing with these cravings is to learn how to manage them.  Craving typically cannot last […]

25 Aug
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Find an Addiction Specialist

How do you find out if you need an addiction specialist? There are several standardized addiction assessments that are easy to administer at a physician’s office, the emergency department, or even on college campuses.  These are typically brief and short to identify risk factors that a person may be suffering from addiction.  Examples of questions […]

04 Aug
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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Thinking Outside the Box For Addiction Treatment By Kimberly Hayes When we think about addiction recovery, our minds usually go to traditional methods: rehabilitation centers, 12-step programs, and counseling. It’s the default for most addicts trying to get sober. But for some addicts, alternative recovery methods could be more effective. Below are 5 alternative addiction […]