It’s All About the Amygdala

27 Jun
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It’s All About the Amygdala

What is the Amygdala?


Featuring Guest Franchon Francees

We are featuring Franchon Francees this week. She helps organizations learn how to cope with stress and trauma reactions. LMV Counseling is all about helping improve the health of our region and sharing tools to help you feel better equipped to handle life’s stressors.

Healing Your Almond

My name is Franchon Francis. I’m a licensed clinical mental health. The name of my company is Healing Your Almond. Healing Your Almond actually references the amygdala. When we are anxious stressed or in a traumatic situation, which let’s just be real the whole globe is right now, your alarm starts going on. That amygdala is now triggered. How do I take all the information and boil it down to something that can be accessible and reachable to everybody in your homes?


Our interventions in terms of reducing stress, anxiety, traumatic reactions have to be sensory. Based the five senses is how the amygdala can ascertain whether or not you were in danger.  You go home tonight and start taking care of your amygdala. To make sure that your amygdala feels taken care of. Take at least 15 minutes of calmness.

We do that by creating a sensory safe place. I would like you to just identify at least one thing in each one of these sensory areas that we can now mix into an intervention.  We can utilize this at home starting tonight.

Anyone want to share kind of their self-made intervention?

            “What I’ve been doing is gardening a lot more.”

            “What are the senses that activity incorporates for you? That’s calming for you. Smell is one- with the herbs. Definitely!”

            “I can actually hear like little critters walking through the straw or the plants and stuff like that which is really soothing to me.”

            “We all need this like we all need to get to a place where we’re using this every day.  That’s why the custom intervention part is super super important.”

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We love featuring local healers in our community! If your ready to take the next step and heal your amygdala reach out and get started now. LMV Counseling has trained counselors ready to help you begin your healing journey from trauma.

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