Meet the Counselor- Jackie Tozour

04 Apr
jackie tozour evening therapy appointments

Meet the Counselor- Jackie Tozour


Meet Jackie

What do you love most about therapy?jackie tozour evening and weekend therapy appointments

I enjoy being trusted with the deepest and most vulnerable corners of others lives and helping people to explore and identify their truest self. I love tapping into my intuitive nature to connect and advocate for clients in some of their most difficult moments. I have been passionate since entering this field about being present for a client during any struggle, triumph, and in between. I love to see the beauty in each and every aspect. I have seen courage in every way imaginable and it inspires me everyday. I am incredibly grateful to be given the honor to share my empathy, skills, and positivity to help others overcome.

What are your specialties and how are you different from other therapists?

I have practiced in a myriad of environments including medication assisted treatment, outpatient therapy, and in the community. I specialize:

counseling for college students

I utilize a person centered approach by providing unconditional positive regard and a true level of genuineness. I will always be supportive of your wishes, because you know exactly what you need and/or want from therapy. I will help you to make connections in patterns and to provide an encouraging environment for change.

How do you inspire hope in your clients?

I inspire hope by believing in your journey and your abilities. “The instillation of hope offers a path back to a sense of possibility in our lives when almost all seemed lost.” -Yalom

How do you find balance and care for yourself?

I find balance and care for myself by slowing down and enjoying each moment for what it is. Being near the ocean, my family, and my dogs feed my soul and encourages my best self.


Jackie is accepting new clients for evenings and Saturdays.  We’re ready to help.  Get started now.


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