Quick Tip to Manage Panic Attacks

21 Jan
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Quick Tip to Manage Panic Attacks


Hey yall! I’m here for a quick tip to give you on learning how to manage panic attacks.  I’m heard a lot from my friends, from my clients about how in the world do I manage a panic attack when I’m in the middle of it.  I wanted to hop on and give you a quick tip this Thursday.

Change Your Temperature

Something you want to do if you are having a panic attack or an anxiety attack is very quickly change your temperature.  A lot of times when you’re in a panic it can be overwhelming, not knowing what’s going on.  It’s helpful to shock your system.  So grab some ice or for someone that’s having a panic attack that you’re helping go grab some ice- put it on the back of their neck.  Maybe put it on their neck, on their chest, or underneath their armpits.  A place that’s going to be very sensitive for them that will shock the system.  You can also put your head in the freezer, just don’t close the freezer on your head but you can definitely go ahead and change your temperature doing it that way.

You can also use heat.  you can do things like a hot shower or a hot bath.  Go and jump in the shower.  Make sure it’s really hot- not scolding so you’re not going to burn your skin but something that’s really going to shock the system.  Going really hot or really cold can help you manage those panic attacks to get you more grounded and back into the present moment.  Begin to regulate that breathing so you can begin to calm down.

I hope this is a quick tip! For some of you this may be enough, for some of you it’s not.  If it’s not enough and you still struggle with panic and anxiety, I definitely recommend that you check out my blog.  I’ve got a lot going on about managing anxiety there.

Give me a call.  We’re here to help.

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