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Lillian Hood substance abuse counseling cognitive behavioral therapy in wilmington NC

You’re exhausted all the time.

Even laying down to sleep isn’t restful for you because you can’t “turn your brain off.” You have troubling dreams or memories related to something that happened in your past, and it’s getting in the way of your relationships, your job, or even just being able to relax and enjoy yourself. Maybe to cope, you’ve developed some harmful habits. You’re emotionally eating, using alcohol, over-using medication or using drugs… anything to escape or just feel different. Now, you’re tired of feeling stuck, and you’re ready to do something about it.

Therapy Empowers the Individual

I tell each of my patients that my goal is to work myself out of a job.  I want to give you the tools you can take with you so you no longer need me. I revel in the moment when we look back at where you were a month, 6 months or a year ago and acknowledge that what you’re doing now is so different from how you would have handled the same situation back then. Look how far you have come!



PTSD treatment for veterans

You will learn specific strategies that you can use to decrease or eliminate the effects of anxiety and trauma. You will learn what it takes to stop the cycle of relapse. You will improve your insight into self and others. You will improve your ability to manage stress and depression.

I have been helping people recover and overcome their challenges for over ten years.  I am specially trained in prolonged exposure.  Prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD teaches you to gradually approach trauma-related memories, feelings and situations that you have been avoiding since your trauma.  By confronting these challenges, you can actually decrease your symptoms.  Don’t worry, I’m there to help you every step of the way.

It is possible to become unstuck and find energy in your life.  It’s time to make a change.

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ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. Online therapy available.

Insurances accepted: NC State Health Plan, BCBS (excluding Blue Value), Medcost