Psychological hack

13 Oct

Psychological hack

Three easy steps

Are you feeling down? Not as motivated or confident as usual?  Try these psychological hacks.  You can trick your mind into thinking more positively and change you outlook.  Give it a try, an actual try, when you need a mental boost.

1) Take a hero stance.  psychological hack lmv cousneling hero

Marvel portrays all their heroes in a confident stance.  It attracts people to them and helps the hero own their power.  Let’s do the same thing.  Stand up and spread your feet to a little wider than hip distance apart.  Roll your shoulders up, back and down.  Puff your chest out.  Lift your chin higher than normal.  Ball your hands into fists and place them upon your hips.  You should look like a hero.  Hold this stance for a few minutes.  Allow the feelings of confidence and pride that come with this bold stance to re-energize you.  Pro tip: Try this before a big meeting- it will instantly help you feel more confident.

2) Smile at everyone.

Even if you don’t feel like it, plaster on a big fake smile.  Go throughout your day smiling at everyone.  It will feel as if you are wearing a mask at first.  This is normal.  You will find that your smile will create a feedback loop.  As other people see you smile, they’ll give a smile back.  This can create a genuine smile from you.  These smiles will continue throughout your day and you will have tricked your brain into thinking you’re happy.  Additionally, folks who smile attract happy and humorous people.  You never know who you could encounter or what jolly conversations may ensue.

3)lmv counseling wilmington individual counseling anxiety depression addiction overwhelemed Laugh at yourself in front of a mirror.

Stand in front of a mirror and begin to forcibly make yourself laugh.  Again, it will be awkward at first.  Try out different laughs.  Try your own laugh.  Try a laugh like an evil villain followed by a laugh that is like a sputtering car.  Try making your laugh gradually louder and then gradually softer.  Try holding your belly and laugh like Santa.  This is silly and you will feel silly.  You will eventually make yourself laugh at the silliness.  This genuine laughter will provide you with a boost of dopamine that will lift your mood.  Bonus: try with a friend! You won’t be able to resist laughing.


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