Substance Abuse Counseling in Wilmington, NC

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It first started as something that helped take the edge off and something to have a good time with. You found that drugs or alcohol helped you not care. Before you realized it, you began using more and more. The alcohol or drug numbed any stress you experienced. Your new normal soon included using drugs or alcohol. Your friends and family started making comments. Your drug or alcohol use started to interfere with your ability to deal with life, your health, and your goals. You start to realize maybe you do have a problem. You made a decision to slow down, maybe quit, and you’re discovering it’s a lot harder than you thought it would be.

You ask yourself:

– “Why can’t I just stop?”
– “How did this get so bad?”
– “I feel terrible about the people I’ve hurt and the things I’ve done.”
– “It’s not that big of a deal-right?”
-“How long can this go on?”

You may find yourself:

– Isolating.
– Being confident and determined to stop using alcohol or drugs one moment and then in the next you find yourself using again.
– Getting a case of the fuck its.
– Feeling hopeless.
– Repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


We help you learn your triggers for drinking or drugging. We help you learn to manage cravings. You will learn how to create a plan to prevent returning to problematic drug and alcohol use again. You will be supported and held accountable for making positive changes in your life. You will learn to identify the thoughts and feelings that have led to continue to use. You will learn about recovery, not just abstaining from alcohol or drugs. We can help support your lifestyle change to a healthier, happier you.

All counselors at LMV Counseling specialize in treating substance use disorders. Our individual counselors are all Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialists. Our couple’s counselor is trained in helping couples reconnect after substance abuse issues. Our counselors have helped hundreds of people achieve recovery and heal their lives. We can also help support you if you have chosen medication-assisted recovery- like buprenorphine (Suboxone) or Vivitrol treatment- as part of your path to recovery.

Treatment works and recovery is possible. You can make the change today.