How therapists do self-care

How therapists do self-care

Want to know what self-care actually looks like for therapists?

Individual therapy can help you learn to care for yourself

Alright, so I preach self-care to EVERYONE but do therapists actually do this stuff?  Have you ever wondered, “what do therapists do for self-care?” If so here are the answers!  A general question was posed to an online therapist community I am involved in about what do you actually do for self-care.  A common theme throughout all the answers was that these professionals make self-care a part of their daily life.  For the most part, it is not a grand gesture of self-care.  It is setting effective boundaries, protecting their passions, and making room in their life for what fills them with love, happiness, and energy.

Here are the responses:

  • Writing in my journal daily no matter what
  • Chick flicks
  • Starting my day off with something on my DVR and leisurely drinking coffee
  • Having an outlet for art- whether it is scrapbooking, collage, beading jewelry, or painting
  • Walking my dog- long walks in the woods (this was a popular one)
  • Every evening after dinner I load the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen counters. I love the feeling of waking up to a clean kitchen the next morning while I make my cup of coffee or tea and cook some breakfast
  • Prayer first then meditation to set my intention for the day
  • Read a good book
  • Disconnect for 24-48 hours from social media
  • Use my essential oil diffuser
  • Do guided meditation
  • An hour of yoga 3-4 days per week
  • Prep food for the week on Sunday nights
  • Fresh air and sunshine on my face daily
  • Snuggle with my cats and have lap time
  • Allow myself to watch reality tv without judgement
  • Going to the gym- lift weights and a sweaty cardio workout
  • Home cooked meals
  • Sitting down with my family and talking about our day
  • Hydration- plenty of water
  • Try to say no to something every day. It frees me up to say yes to what really matters
  • Martial arts
  • 8 plus hours of sleep a night
  • Take medication daily
  • Setting up social stuff after work
  • Communicate clearly with family about needing some down time
  • Laugh as often as possible
  • Don’t skip dinner
  • Realize that it will all get done and there is no need to stress right now
  • Massages and spa days
  • Staying true to my schedule

You can do it

It is imperative to prioritize caring for yourself and managing your stress.  Having a tough time?  Call for a free consultation.


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